Tips for Finding the Perfect Forever Home for Your Foster Dog

Tips for Finding the Perfect Forever Home for Your Foster Dog

1. Profile: Create a captivating profile by including interesting quirks, personality traits and favorite activities that readers can relate to. Showcase which type of home and setting would be the ideal match so applicants know ahead of time if they are a good fit. This will help weed out interest from adoptees that may not suit the lifestyle and needs of the dog.

2. Professional Photos: Capture your dog’s personality with professional style photos.  You do not have to be a pro, but set aside time to dedicate to a proper photoshoot. Take photos outside in sunlight or slight overcast skies to get the best lighting. Snap tons of photos and pick the best. Using a squeaky toy can help capture cute head tilts, perky ears, and big puppy dog eyes.

3. “Advertise”: You need to tell the world that they are available. Rescue groups post adoptable dogs on their websites but do not simply rely on this alone for exposure. You need to tell the world that they are ready to be adopted and eagerly looking for their family. When in public, or at the dog park, what greater way to attract attention than by sporting one of our ADOPT ME leashes and collars so everyone knows this dog is looking for a new home.

4. Social Media: Use it to your advantage; share cute stories and videos and tell all your friends, (and the rest of world), how wonderful (and adorable) they are. Share, share, share. Dogs can have social media too. Set up a Facebook page, Instagram or Twitter account, of their own.

5. Ambassador Dog:  One of the biggest reasons a home does not work out with a new pet is behavioral issues, many of which stem from a lack of training. Give your foster the best chance at a successful placement by helping the new family out and getting a head start on training.

6. Manners:Great manners is an excellent way to positively portray them to anyone who meets them, and any prospective families. Always put their best paw forward.

7. Be Honest: Not all dogs are perfect. Be upfront and honest about any known history and behaviors. Surprises are not a good thing for new owners and their new pet. If your foster has some issues discuss them openly with potential adopters. You need to know if the new home is prepared and capable of managing them or not.

8. Trust Your Gut:You have to be their advocate. If you get a bad feeling from an adopter or you just do not feel like it is a match made in heaven, speak up! You know this dog better than anyone else and genuinely want things to work out. They may not be a bad home; they may simply not be the best match forthis dog.

9. Adoptions Should Never Be “First Come, First Serve”: Sometimes the first applicant is not always the right one. If you don’t think its perfect, don’t be scared to wait it out a little bit longer.

10. Be Patient: Some dogs have a line up for potential applicants and other dogs sit for weeks or even months waiting for a new home. There is the right home out there for every dog, sometimes you just have to wait a little while. Hang in there, it is worth it.

By Katie Shannon @Pet_IQ for Friendly Dog Collars


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