We already know our pets feed off our emotions, energy and behaviour don't we?

And we certainly feed off theirs!

So it makes perfect sense for us all to be enjoying the same relaxing and calming benefits, created by the same amazing natural products, right?


By utilising the healing power of Natural Therapies for pets, Genki Pet helps pets and their people in feeling healthier, happier and calmer together. Their spritzes work and smell amazing!

Genki (“g” as in great!) means healthy in Japanese. Rachel the founder of Genki Pet lived in Japan for two years, enhancing her appreciation of nature and all things Zen. Japan is also where Rachel met the friend whose pet troubles inspired the creation of her first Genki Pet blend in 2015.


Behaviour Changing Aromatherapy Spritzes for Pets and their People.

Their wholistic and inclusive approach is what makes Genki Pet unique and so effective. Small batch, 100% natural and professionally hand blended by a qualified Aromatherapist using Kinesiology. Australian Owned & Made.

The goal and purpose of Genki Pet blends is positive mental, emotional and behavioural change for pets and their people; creating a sense of calm for the whole household -pets AND their people. Their amazing scent is a pure bonus!

Genki Pet products are 100% natural, gentle and safe for your cat and dog and because their sense of smell is fine tuned, Genki Pet have professionally structured their blends to work effectively yet subtly, guided by the motto: Little & Lightly.

Available in 3 great blends ...

Moving & Grooving

Perfect for travel related nausea and anxiety. Great for holidays, car and plane trips. Promotes rest and relaxation, quietens vocal travellers and settles the tummy.

Friendship & Acceptance 

Great for introducing new family members and harmonious socialisation. Ideal for expecting Mums, multi-pet households, dog park, daycare and boarding. Increases self confidence, encourages acceptance of space invasion and masks territorial scents.

Stillness & Calm 

Ideal for deep relaxation; relieving anxiety and hyperactivity. Great for traditionally nervous breeds, vet and grooming visits and over excitement. It really lowers the frequency!


Customer Reviews

Shinsei frequently travels for weekend breaks or on photo shoots for his new modelling career. Before we used Moving & Grooving, he was very vocal in the car, but last time we travelled with Moving & Grooving and he was noticeably less anxious and even slept most of the way.

I have 2 anxious boxers around other dogs. They bark at every dog we walk past to the point I was avoiding staying near the path when other dogs walked past. I started using the Friendships & Acceptance spray when they were calm and also on their leads for walks and they have started to calm down. I’m happier to walk near other dogs now, and they are reacting less to dogs in yards we walk past.
Great fragrance too which is a bonus!

I LOVE IT! Pabs gets so excited sometimes, looping around, running on the couch, up and down the stairs, jumping on people, not listening to us at all. Two sprays of Stillness & Calm and he calms down, mellows and is clearly really relaxed. He just sits on the couch then, looking outside, like it’s meditation time! It relaxes me as well really…it is stressful when he’s anxious and I can’t control him and he’s jumping on people. When he’s relaxed, I can relax too. Definitely getting another bottle whenever this one runs out!