Hear No Evil - Australian Deaf Dog Rescue

Hear No Evil - Australian Deaf Dog Rescue

Hear No Evil - Australian Deaf Dog Rescue is Australia's first and leading deaf specific rescue, backed by vets and trainers across the country.  Along with deaf dogs, Hear No Evil also specialises in rescuing, training and rehoming visually impaired/blind dogs.

Dogs come into HNE's care from a variety of circumstances. An individual approach is taken with each dog while they are in care and that tailored approach extends to the adoption process for each dog.  There is no "one site fits all" approach in their rescue.

Dogs in care with Hear No Evil live in foster homes.  This gives them a chance to learn about being part of a loving family and provides ongoing opportunities to work on their training, socialisation and readiness for adoption. A dog will stay in care for as long as it takes to get them ready for adoption and to find their perfect forever family.

When it comes to opening your heart and home to a deaf and/or blind dog, there is no expectation that a foster carer or an adopter will have any prior experience of living with/working with a dog with sensory deficits. HNE provides ongoing support, assistance, training, advice to their team and to their adopters.

At the end of the day, deaf dogs are just dogs.  They don’t realise that they experience the world any differently to anyone else. Deafies (as we lovingly call them!) make amazing companions as they:

  • Are just as trainable as dogs who can hear
  • Make fabulous use of their other senses and build special bonds with their families
  • Are less reactive to noise stimuli
  • Are a great conversation starter and lots of fun!

All dogs in care have their own ‘set’ of Friendly Dog Collars gear to help show off when they’re available for adoption and to let people encountering them know that they are deaf and/or blind.


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