Medical Marijuana for Pets by The Healing Vet Dr Edward Bassingthwaighte

Medical Marijuana for Pets by The Healing Vet Dr Edward Bassingthwaighte

Dr Edward is a holistic vet who graduated from the University of Queensland in 1995 with a bachelor of veterinary science, he discovered that CDB Oil could be an effective part of his clinic.

After experiencing severe health challenges himself he started to explore a lot of different alternative medicine over the years. As far as cannabis extracts over the last 4 or 5 years Dr Edward lived in an area in the northern rivers of NSW which is an area very active in the advocacy of cannabis and he had clients interested in it which led him to research the use for animals but with legality problems he couldn't actually source or prescribe the medicine.

However, he had a reasonable amount of clients that decided to go and find it for themselves for their animals and he witnessed some pretty remarkable clinical responses to the medicine.

The Cannabis plants contain 60+, naturally occurring, active compounds called cannabinoids. Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of these compounds found in hemp and marijuana plants.  It is important to note that CBD is a different component than Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which is the cannabinoid that creates the “high” feeling from marijuana.

How does CBD work to treat pets with anxiety and chronic pain?

All mammals have this endocannabinoid system so our bodies and the bodies of our pets all use similar molecules to the cannabinoids that are made in the cannabis plant to signal a lot of different things going on in the body and to modulate a lot of body functions which are especially important in regulating the immune system.

So when you give your animals an extract containing CBD then that CBD in the plant connects with the receptors that already exist in your pet's body and by doing that they can cause all sorts of positive effects in the body. It has a very broad therapeutic spectrum, it can help with inflammation and pain, Dr Edward has seen a dog respond amazing well with heart failure and he has also used the CBD treatment on several dogs as part of their cancer treatment. It has been curative in some cases and very palative in others improving their quality of life. Dr Edward has had success in treating animals with epilepsy as well.

Treating Dogs With Anxiety

Dr Edward has recently seen a Doberman with anxiety issues and a bad skin allergy problems which are often worse in dogs with anxiety and after a couple of weeks using CBD she was noticeably calmer and her skin condition had improved as well.

What is the process for dog owners and vets to get CBD Oil?

Very recently the government has unilaterally rescheduled CBD to make it a schedule 4 drug which means it is illegal for anyone except registered pharmacists to provide it. Unfortunately, there is no medical justification for this as the product was easily and readily available for many people in Australia for at least a decade before this changed.

CBD is a very, very safe drug with minimal to no side effects but the government for whatever reason made their call (my guess is to protect big business and help them make more money out of people who are sick)

However, if you are interested in purchasing legal CBD then Dr Edward can source pure CBD from a compounding pharmacist. Although pure CBD is not the best form of the medicine compared to a whole plant extract that has not only CBD but all the other hundreds of bio-active ingredients in it as well is far more effective in helping animals with all sorts of health issues. Unfortunately, this costs 120% more than the whole organic plant extract that was, until recently available.

What is a whole extract or full spectrum extract?

It is when the entire plant is used and contains all the cannabinoids and terpenes found in cannabis and it offers a more therapeutic treatment 

What dosages are recommended?

Dogs have a much higher number of THC receptors in their brain compared to people so they are much more sensitive to THC though you can use THCA products that are raw and that have not been treated because they are not psychoactive.

There are a lot of potential benefits to THCA, it is anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective and it is anti-medic as well. 


Dosage is generally by body weight but when taken in conjunction with other medications is recommended to start slow and increment over time depending on what's going on. But if you have a dog with serious problems like cancer you would want to get up to the highest dose they can tolerate. If you get to quite higher dosages you do get a mild sedative effect.

Why should you seek natural treatments for your dog over pharmaceutical

It is an individual choice, but in the whole people are becoming aware of the dangers of prescription drugs especially long term and are seeking something more safe and effective. CBD is certainly safe and effective. For example if you were to compare a drug such as the commonly prescribed anti-inflammatory drug such as Meloxican that many vets prescribe for arthritic dogs, meloxicam has well documented adverse effects on the kidneys and liver and CBD is very safe with minimal to no side effects and is at least as effective and in some cases more effective. 

Treating Arthritis

There was a little old Jack Russel that Dr Edward was seeing for 2 or 3 years in NSW, he was old, he had congestive heart failure, fluid building up in his lungs and was on diuretic medicine to release excess fluid from his body. He was to the point that he no longer wanted to walk, he wasn't happy, he wasn't lively, and after starting on a whole plant cannabis extract he wanted to go for a walk again and was even excited to walk and quite long walks. But not only that, his heart murmur became less and he was able to come off his medications


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