Pets of the Homeless (POTH) Australia

Pets of the Homeless (POTH) Australia

It was this time last year that I was visiting Melbourne and met a homeless man Peter and his dog, Bella. Those who know me, know I can never resist stopping for a pat and a chat with every dog I meet in public. Peter told me that although Bella LOVED people she disliked other dogs. A typical NO DOGS dog.

Unfortunately I did not have any stock on me but vowed to bring a complete set of our NO DOGS range to gift to Peter and Bella when I was back in Melbourne in the near future. I did return a few weeks later and took along lots of goodies for Bella but was disappointed when I couldn't find them in their usual spot.

Well, the world works in mysterious ways and only a few days later I was contacted by Yvonne Hong, the founder of Pets of the Homeless Australia based in Melbourne. Pets of the Homeless help feed and provide basic emergency veterinary care to companion animals of the homeless. When she asked if I could possibly donate some collars and leads I jumped at the chance. In fact, we become an official supporter and provide Pets of the Homeless with any items that they require.


How can you help?

Donations - Pets of the Homeless are always in need of donations as they are currently a self-funded group. For a list of needed items and drop off points please visit their facebook page or website

Drop Off Point - You can also help by volunteering to be a drop off point for them (businesses only) to make it easier for those wanting to donate. A simple gesture such as liking and sharing their facebook page and posts will increase awareness of their service and will enable them to reach more people who are either in the position to help or in need of help.

Volunteer - POTH is currently seeking a fund raiser co-ordinator, a grants co-ordinator/writer plus regular volunteers. Check out their facebook page for more information.

Online Auction - Check out all the amazing items and make a bid. The prizes are AMAZING!! Check out album HERE








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