Situational Awareness & Responsible Dog Ownership

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Situational Awareness & Responsible Dog Ownership


What does this mean for DOG OWNERS and why YOU should be accountable.

Situational Awareness involves being aware of your immediate surroundings and the impact of YOUR or others actions as it relates to the well being of your dog and OTHER DOGS around you!

Over the last few months since we introduced our closed support groups it has been increasingly obvious that the biggest pain point for dog owners is the dreaded 'off lead' dog in an 'on lead' area and the havoc it can cause for those who are NOT lucky enough to have a friendly dog or, like us, have a dog that has injuries that prevent her from 'playing rough'.

We're blessed to live walking distance to a dog friendly but 'on lead' beach and after hearing everyones stories it opened my eyes to the amount of owners that believe they have a right to have their dog 'off lead' just because he/she is Friendly.

It was only recently that we watched a dog who was 'off lead' interfere with several people who were minding their own business and enjoying the beautiful surroundings. Firstly, it ran up to a couple who where quietly relaxing on the beach and walked all over their blanket, then it was shoo'd away by a fisherman who's bait bucket he/she stuck it's head in, followed by cutting off a surfer emerging from the water and getting caught in his leg rope before making it's way to us.....

Now, our aussie bulldog Malibu, is a friendly dog BUT after two cruciate ligament surgeries and a torn shoulder (twice from playing rough) we CANNOT let her play on soft sand especially with any high energy dogs as one wrong move can tear her muscle again which means three months of no walking, followed by weeks of rehab. Which has happened twice in the 18 mths we have lived here through no fault of our own.

SO PLEASE .......

Be mindful of others as we ALL DESERVE to enjoy time in public with our dogs 

It’s easy to get caught up in our OWN WORLD but please, start to look around your environment, it takes 2 seconds to clip your dog ON LEAD as you pass another 

That moment of awareness could MAKE or BREAK another’s experience out with their dog and with an increase in dog ADOPTION comes with it an increase in REACTIVE and NERVOUS dogs.

Let’s UNITE as dog owners and be just a little bit more mindful of our surroundings 

ALL DOGS deserve to enjoy time in public with their families!


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Grace Frew
Grace Frew

April 07, 2020

I do agree with the above comments
Compound this when you are pushing 80yrs old and not in the nest of health …My choices for walking my nervous
Caution little girl are becoming smaller and smaller .. the beach (10mins walk from me) is absolutely out of the question..
I just wish people could be just a bit more considerate

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