The Story of Friendly Dog Collars

The Story of Friendly Dog Collars

How is all began ..... a dog called, Roxy.

If you're like me, you're probably curious about the story behind a brand. How did it originate and what goes on 'back there?'.

So, I thought I would share the story. Friendly Dog Collars is a unique idea created by Jonathon Saville. This company began in 2007 with the idea in mind that not all dogs (or people) can be judged by their looks.  Jon owned many dogs over the years, but it wasn't until he got Roxy, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, that the idea for Friendly Dog Collars came to him. When Jon walked Roxy down the street people would cross the street to avoid them. Jon was a 107kg bodybuilder at the time with a shaved head and tattoos and the dog on the end of his leash looked like a bodybuilder of the canine version.

However, in the 9 years Jon owned Roxy she'd never hurt a person or other dog, and Jon himself was a friendly person! Even when Jon's mother walked the dog people would avoid them. Later, Jon's sister had arrived with a little pink dog dress as a joke. They put it on Roxy and Jon's sister took her for a walk. The response they received just from a little pink dress was a complete 180 from when people crossed the street to avoid Jon and Roxy. Now people were approaching them and wanting to pet Roxy, people saw her completely differently just from one little piece of apparel.

From that, an idea was born. The first FRIENDLY green dog collar was made. Soon after there was enough demand to create something for dogs who were great with people but not good with other dogs, and the orange NO DOGS collar was created followed by the red CAUTION collar. Those three are our main colors making up the traffic light system for dogs. Over time due to customer feedback the range has grown to include Nervous, Training, Security, Deaf Dog, Blind Dog, Assistance Dog, Service Dog, Therapy Dog, Do Not Feed, Do Not Pet and of course, Adopt Me.

Friendly Dog Collars are more than just a good product, they're a lifesaver.

With over 7 million dog bites worldwide each year, uncountable dog on dog attacks which are avoidable, by letting others know a dogs' nature/temperament in advance allows others to take the necessary steps to avoid a dog accident, or even help a dog in need. Even if we save one child from a dog bite this is all worth it.