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Even early development with children begins to associate green, red and yellow/orange with the traffic light system and their corresponding meanings. 

Worldwide traffic light colors are consistent with “Green means GO”, and “Red means STOP

Colour coding is a great way to convey universal messages that have an easy to interpret meaning across any language. Worldwide traffic light colors are consistent with “Green means GO”, and “Red means STOP” and no matter what language you speak the message remains the same. Even early development with children begins to associate green, red and yellow/orange with the traffic light system and their corresponding meanings.

As dog owners, wouldn’t it be great to have a way to tell the public about your dog without having to walk around, shouting out a message loud and clear, telling the world your dog is friendly or needs more space? Friendly Dog Collars were designed with this purpose in mind. To educate the public about your dog’s personality and greeting preferences ahead of time, even before you verbally can tell them. This acts as an early warning system to give the public a heads-up and can help prevent incidences before they happen. The bright colors are visible from a distance and represent a well-known and easily recognizable color scheme. An embroidered message literally spells it out in case there were any doubts.

When it comes to Friendly Dog CollarsGreen means Go! My dog is friendly, approachable and ready for attention. Green/FRIENDLY leashes mean my dog is an open invite to come and visit. Some dogs can look intimidating but are big cuddly, wiggly and super friendly dogs. They are wanting to visit everyone but have a rugged exterior that doesn’t necessarily convey that message.

Red means STOP! Our CAUTION line of products is perfect for dogs who need a little space and are not ready to be approached by the public. Red stands for caution and that is exactly what our leash means, use caution, please stop where you are and not come any closer. Caution dogs are a misunderstood group but often they simply need a very controlled environment and the right conditions to greet new people. With new people and unpredictable circumstances, it can be hard to know their reaction, so better safe than sorry and just give them a little space.

In traffic, an amber light means that the light is about the change to red, so you must stop if you safely can do so, or proceed with caution. Amber can be represented by yellow or orange.

Friendly Dog Collars yellow line of products represents the NERVOUS dog group. Our yellow/Nervous Dog line is for dogs who are struggling with confidence, may be scared, react suddenly, abruptly or unexpectedly. When you see a Nervous/yellow leash please stop to assess the situation. The owner can provide instructions on if or how to approach. If the situation escalates consider it a red light if the dog reacts negatively. Stop completely, provide some space and back off.

While they may be (people) friendly, not every dog loves other dogs. For this group, we recommend our NO DOGS/Orange leash and collar products. If you see a No Dogs/Orange leash do not approach if you are accompanied by a dog.

Despite dogs being masters at body language, humans are not as good at reading the messages they are trying to portray. A wagging tail is not always indicative of a friendly dog and may actually be a warning sign of discomfort, which could result in the dog taking action if need be. Take the guess work out of body language using Friendly Dog Collars colour coded lines of leashes, collars, harnesses, and vests to do the talking for your dog and notify others of their social needs.


By Katie @Pet_IQ for Friendly Dog Collars
Katie is a Pet Industry Consultant, Dog Trainer, Rescuer, PetCoach Advisor, and specializes in “All things dog”. She proudly shares her home with four lovely rescue mutts.





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