Help Spread the
Word of Responsible
Pet Ownership

Friendly Dog Collars exists for one reason - to give your fur baby a voice.

A voice that will protect your pup, and the public from harm; and give your dog the respect and space they need to feel safe.

Every dog is different. And each dog has different needs and boundaries. By respecting these, we can eliminate unnecessary stress on our dogs, and reduce the risk of people and pups coming to harm.

Until now, it was impossible to know a dog’s temperament just by looking at them. But now, with the Friendly Dog Collars’ traffic light system for dogs, you can! This gives dog owners the power to inform the public about their dog’s needs without having to say a word; and helps prevent incidents before they occur.

Friendly Dog Collars saves lives.

And now you can too!

Become a Licensee

Now you can help spread the word of responsible dog ownership and bring the revolutionary Friendly Dog Collars range to your area by becoming a licensee.

How Does It Work?

We want more, genuine dog lovers licensed to distribute our products in the market, and spreading our message of respect and care for dogs.

In order to achieve this, we’ve kept the up-front investment of starting a business with Friendly Dog Collars low, so that anyone with a real and genuine passion for the wellbeing of dogs will be able to get involved. We’ve worked hard to design a model that will make it easy and straightforward to become a part of the Friendly Dog Collars family.

What Will You Get For Your Investment?

Not only will a new licensee receive the extensive kit required to successfully set up shop at markets in your area, but you will also receive expert one-on-one training and ongoing support from Mick and Jenny, the owners of Friendly Dog Collars in Australia.

Friendly Dog Collars has found that markets are the number one way of spreading our message to the community. As such, we’ve carefully identified locations where our business model will work best, and have selected specific territories where you will operate. These regions will allow you the best opportunities for success.

Who Are Mick and Jenny?

Before Friendly Dog Collars, Jenny had many years of experience as an award winning retail manager. She also has extensive experience working in the pet industry; running a pet photography business called ‘Shoot-Ya-Pooch Pet Photography’ before taking on Friendly Dog Collars in 2015. With experience in ac-countancy, customer service and team management, you can expect professional advice from Jenny about how best to run your business.

With many years of trade experience; working as a football coach, and now helping to manage Friendly Dog Collars in Australia, Mick has extensive experience in the pet industry, as well as working in, and man-aging teams, and can offer expert advice on how you can manage your own Friendly Dog Collars Family.

To find out more about Mick and Jenny, and the history of Friendly Dog Collars, click HERE.

Who is Our Ideal Licensee?

If you ...

Love dogs.

Want to help owners prevent incidents before they occur.

- Are interested in educating the public on responsible pet ownership and the ‘traffic light system’ for dogs.
- Want to run a business, whether that be on a part-time or full-time basis and be rewarded based on the effort you put in.

What Training
Do We Provide?

All licensees will undergo an intensive 3 day course on the Sunshine Coast. This will ensure that you are ready to hit the ground running once it’s complete. These courses are run once per month.

As well, you’ll receive ongoing weekly support, and a visit from Mick to ensure everything is going well with your business.

Will I Struggle
to Get Stock in?

The communication between Australia and our parent company in the UK is excellent. We’ve put many protections in place to keep our supply lines strong, with contingencies ready to go should any problems arise.

While our product range is pretty settled, there are always new items we are looking to add. We keep in regular touch with you and your business, so you can be confident that you’ll be kept up to date on any changes to our product range.

How Can I Get Involved?

It’s as simple as sending an email! Contact us on and let us get to know you:

- What is your background? Retail? Animals? etc.

- Why do you think you would be a good fit for Friendly Dog Collars?

- What areas/markets do you propose working from?

- What is your long-term weekend availability? (5 years plus)

If we feel that you and Friendly Dog Collars are a match made in heaven, we’ll send you a free in-formation pack with everything you need to know about licensing with us.

We look forward to hearing from you and can’t wait for you to join our Friendly Dog Collars family.