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5 STARS - Okay, I have nothing but lovely things to say about these guys. Absolutely beautiful human beings to talk to. They were eager to help me even when it was me who stuffed up the sizing on one of my orders. The harness itself is of excellent quality and looks greats on my pups. Delivery was quick, and people are finally asking me politely whether it's okay to approach my 'nervous' dog, when before they would just walk up to her abruptly and scare the crap out of her, and often me. I truly couldn't recommend this company more, and this truly is one of the most responsible dog-ownership products I've ever seen. Thanks so much guys! - Kirsty Ventra


5 STARS - We have 3 dogs, two of them have these leads/harnesses. Good quality and well put together. We have strong dogs and no issues with anything coming apart from heavy use. Our 14y/o is now very deaf and has the DEAF DOG harness and lead. We get quite a few comments about it and how useful it is. It's a great conversation starter as well. We recently picked up the blue TRAINING set for our new puppy. It's been an excellent investment. As with any puppy, people want to come up and say 'Hi'. Not always ideal when you're trying to learn to 'sit and stay' and not to jump up. People spot the training lead and always ask before approaching. A big difference to when we got our last puppy 3 years ago! I'd definitely recommend them. - Ffyona LC


5 STARS - I am very happy with this product. My fosters will have the ADOPT ME exposure they need when we are out and about. Super quick postage and strong and secure quality product. I also love that you are a company with a social conscious supporting Pets Of The Homeless Australia. - Antonietta Gentile


5 STARS - I received my SERVICE DOG harness today and it's so functional and easy to use. Fitted nicely AND prompt service. Thank you for producing a great product. Will be buying more. - La'Boheme Narielle


5 STARS - Loved my new pups new 3 piece set! Not even upset that I had to buy the CAUTION because they fit and sit so well! 100/100 ☆ Would recommend to absolutely everyone. Will definitely be buying for my second FRIENDLY dog! - Anni Canfied


5 STARS - I have a japanese spitz who is quite NERVOUS around other new dogs and the leads at friendly dog collars have been great! The lead is of high quality and the padding on the handle is very comfortable! It is the best dog lead I have ever had. Highly recommended! - Jo Mohammadi


5 STARS - Brilliant quality! I got one of the large NERVOUS slip collars and a CAUTION harness for my American Bulldog. In the past she had broken 3 collars, 4 leads and a harness that was made out of seat belt type material. My items from Friendly Dog Collars are lasting heaps longer than the ones I have used in the past. They are still like new. Would definitely recommend them to every pet owner. - Jessica Corney


5 STARS - This is the best harness we have ever bought. Our Rottweiler finds it comfortable to move around in and when paired with the FRIENDLY leash, gives a decent amount of slack to allow her to walk around freely. The materials are sturdy, even after a year of constant use and is visible to everyone who sees her. The Harness is what we needed to get people to look past the Rottweiler "Dangerous Breed" view that many people of the public have. People actively come over to pat and play with her now that they see she is a friendly dog, and she loves every bit of it. - Mark


5 STARS - The FRIENDLY small vest harness is the best I have used. My dog cannot slip out of it (he tries). Nice bright colour, very happy, should have bought them years ago. If my dog is happy, I am happy AAA+++ - Rhonda Canfell


5 STARSI love these! Having a small, cute dog, people automatically assume they can pat her. In some circumstances she gets overwhelmed though. The CAUTION lead has make a huge difference in keeping people respectful of her needs and personal space. - Jeni Fidan


5 STARS - I am 100% happy with the products I received!!! They fit perfectly and are made of great, durable material! Shipping was fast and the company as a whole is wonderful!!! - Rhiannon Resor


5 STARS - The NO DOGS coat has been so helpful of letting other dog owners know to keep a distance. It has also helped with his reactivity towards other dogs because it keeps them at his critical distance. - Claire Enniss


5 STARSThis is perfect for my deaf cattle dog, it gives me the comfort of knowing he can't get the collar off. Previously I have bought dog tags for his collar but he is forever losing them. 100% recommend this for anyone with a DEAF DOG. This is great quality, I've had this for about 6 months and there is no sign of damage. - Emma


5 STARS - Product is good, delivery was fast, price was excellent. - Jeremy D