DO NOT FEED - L/XXL Semi Slip Collar


  • Fits neck 45-71cm (18-28") width 38mm
  • High-quality quick-dry neoprene padded backing
  • Wording embroidered x 2
  • Nickel plated rings
  • Machine washable

The semi slip collar has no buckles, it has an adjustable slide for a custom fit on most L/XXL breeds. Simply slip over your dogs head and adjust for a comfortable fit. Designed to tighten by approx 4-5cm (over 1-2 inches) when a dog pulls, it acts like a semi choke chain but without the chain ensuring it cannot over tighten harming or alarming your dog

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Customer Reviews

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Pam Smith

Flynn is my 8 year old fur baby who has Endocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency or EPI for short! When out with him people sometimes ask if they can give him a treat but because of his condition the answer has to be no. His new DO NOT FEED collar and lead is wonderful because it is bright and easy to read and extremely good quality. I have suggested to my vet that they look at stocking products from this great company. BTW it arrived very quickly too from first ordering.