Wholesale accounts available for Pet Stores, Vet Clinics, Dog Trainers and Registered Rescue Groups within Australia and the United States. Applications outside these businesses will be assessed on a case by case scenario.

Wholesale Accounts
  • Minimum order requirement of 10 units/items
  • Shipping is calculated on weight
  • Payment is required at time of order
United States 
  • Minimum order requirement of 40 units/items
  • Shipping is complimentary and order will be sent directly from our US warehouse.
  • Payment is required at time of order

For more information contact our sales manager Lorelle Ackland on 0400 086 661 or email [email protected] 

As stockists, you will be provided with images for use on your website store and/or social media as well as permission to utilize any marketing and promotional material used on our own Facebook page. We will endeavor to support you as a stockist in any way that we can.


Please be advised that you are NOT permitted to sell on Amazon,Ebay nor start any type of online store solely for the purpose of selling FDC stock. Doing so will result in the permanent termination of your account.

Wholesale Terms & Conditions