FRIENDLY - L/XXL Semi Slip Collar


  • Fits neck 45-71cm (18-28")
  • Width 38mm
  • Quick-dry neoprene padded backing
  • 2 words embroidered in black
  • Anti-rust nickel plated rings

The semi slip collar has no buckles, it has an adjustable slide for a custom fit on most L/XXL breeds. Simply slip over your dogs head and adjust for a comfortable fit. Designed to tighten by approx 4-5cm (over 1-2 inches) when a dog pulls, it acts like a semi choke chain but without the chain ensuring it cannot over tighten harming or alarming your dog.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Friendly Collar

This collar arrived in super quick time and is really strong and of great quality. I would definitely recommend to anyone with a dog that loves to meet new friends.
I have a large dog that can frighten people in off leash areas. She only wants to play and this can only help.

Great collar

I have a large dog that can frighten people in off lead areas. This collar definitely has changed the way people react when they see him coming to greet their dogs

Awesome Strong Products

My Pup has certainly tested out the strenght of the Slip Collar + Lead . Love the padded handle for me to hang on to . People now come up to us + want to pat my Pup as they see it says Friendly their not scared anymore .
When going to Dog parks +Beaches off lead Zones some People approaching us again read Friendly + are happy to let their dog play with my Pup .
Beats the cheap leads doesnt cut into my hand + my Pup doesnt pull anymore .
Thank You x

Great product

Am very happy with my friendly dog collar,it's very well made and fits well.I have a Rottweiler and people always avoided him at the beach and on walks ect even though he loves people and dogs, now that he is wearing his collar he has a lot more interaction with people and dogs which makes him much happier and is great advertising for the breed.I have had a lot of people ask where they can get a collar from and have directed them to your site.

Fantastic Product

I purchased the XXL Friendly collar for my 18 months old German Shepherd. As Cole's gotten bigger I've noticed that some people are wary and sometimes rude just because of his large size and breed. We always have his harness with 'In Training' badges on when we're out and about and some people are lovely and kind but we still get those that judge Cole and assume he's mean when really he's just a big softy who loves to play and meet new people and dogs. I think the Friendly collar will hopefully help people understand at a glance that Cole's friendly and approachable.
The collar fits well, is nice and bright, the lettering stands out well plus it's comfortable for Cole. Thank you :)