NERVOUS - Bandana


  • One size quality bandana fits neck size from 30-45cm (12-18")
  • Embroidered wording fully washable adjustable and durable
  • secured with a velcro strap.
  • Not suitable for tiny dogs see sizing above.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 14 reviews
    Lightweight and perfect!

    Our boy is leash reactive to any dog who isn’t a greyhound, so we usually use the “no dogs” range. This is the perfect in between for us in situations where it’s likely to be only other hounds but still signals other dogs in case we come across them! I love the freedom to pop it on and off as needed and it’s a perfect size for our 30kg boy :)

    Confidence in Public

    I love this product! It's well made, has large clear writing and is comfortable for my furbaby to wear. It informs people that my furbaby is Reactive, not aggressive.
    I feel so confident when my furbaby is wearing her bandana because people now give us space, they are understanding & always ask before approaching. This makes my furbaby more confident & calm, allowing her time to adjust to her changing surroundings on her level. I recommend this product.

    A little space so I can get to know you please.

    I wasn’t sure if people would understand what we were hoping to achieve by putting the Yellow Bandana on our 7 month old pup Atlas, however my first trip to the park with him in it reassured me it was a great idea. I spotted another dog coming towards us and straight away his owner called him and put him on the lead. He told me he’d seen the collars on the internet and knew what it meant. It was so much better than having a dog “impolitely” run up and be in his face and gave us the chance to walk calmly by.
    Its also given us more opportunity to respond to people’s request to “pat the puppy” so as to make it a good experience for them and a learning experience for Atlas.
    We want him to be calm and friendly, however we noticed early on he was struggling with people and other dogs being to quick to come into his space. The bandana is a great talking piece too and allows me to stand and chat to people while asking Atlas to remain calm next to me.
    It seems we live in a world these days were so many want their dogs to play with other dogs, I’m not against this idea, but we need to be responsible and realise that, like people, not every dog likes every dog and we need to be able to respect that and give space without thinking “oh they haven’t trained their dog.” When in fact some of us are trying to train our dogs to behave politely in public.
    All of your range has a perfect use and I don’t hesitate to recommend them to anybody I speak to.
    Thanks so much...ooh a Neoprene Bandana would be great too

    Just what’ve been looking for

    Not only does Jasper look soooo handsome with his new bandana, it’s an instant relief when he’s wearing it during his walks/vet visits. It makes it more known to other dog owners that he’s not vicious, he’s just anxious. Love it !!

    Nervous Bandana Review

    Is one of the best things we have purchased for our Dachshund Franklin. People notice it straight away and will give him space rather than come up to us our in public. Makes us feel better when we take Franklin out and about :)