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DEAF DOG - L/XXL Semi Slip Collar

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  • Fits neck 45-71cm (18-28") width 38mm
  • High-quality quick-dry neoprene padded backing
  • Wording embroidered x 2
  • Nickel plated rings
  • Machine washable

The semi slip collar has no buckles, it has an adjustable slide for a custom fit on most L/XXL breeds. Simply slip over your dogs head and adjust for a comfortable fit. Designed to tighten by approx 4-5cm (over 1-2 inches) when a dog pulls, it acts like a semi choke chain but without the chain ensuring it cannot over tighten harming or alarming your dog

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Christine Moore

fast delivery, good service

Megan Cooper
Exactly what I needed

Good quality and easy to put on, exactly what we needed :)

Also easy to wash if you have a deaf dog that likes to roll in and eat dirt like mine

Kate Evans

I absolutely love the semi slip collars! I was introduced to them just over a year ago when I became a foster carer for hear no evil Australian deaf dog rescue. They are so easy to use, just slip over the head, tighten and away you go. No stress of a clip busting or buckle breaking. I highly recommend!

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