NERVOUS - L/XL adjustable Strap Harness


  • Fits chest/girth 61-92cm (24-36")
  • 25mm width
  • Quick dry neoprene padded backing for extra comfort
  • 4 words embroidered in black
  • Anti-rust nickel plated rings 

Fitting Instructions:

  • Fully adjustable at chest, girth and between the front legs for a custom fit
  • Designed to be able to endure any dog of any size and will even keep the biggest dogs under control. 

Not quite big enough?

Add an extra 10" to the chest and girth with our Extender Strap. Click HERE

Exchange & Delivery

  • All items sent daily via Australia Post from Sunshine Coast, QLD
  • 500g standard post 3 to 6 business days - $8.50
  • 500g express post 1 to 2 business days - $11.35
  • Further cost above 500g, totalled at time of check out
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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 21 reviews
      Excellent product

      Love this harness! 💖💖
      I was always being critisised because my dog wasnt "friendly." She has been attacked before and thats why she is nervous at dog parks etc. This harness is amazing it has really stopped the comments and people have been more understanding and respected my dog's personal space. Totally recommend their products!! Thank you so much 💖💖😀


      Couldn't be happier with all my nervous range! I bought the harness, collar and lead and the amount of people who have been respectful and asking to approach is amazing! My poor boy is a rescue and gets very nervous around new people and especially dogs! He can also get reactive out of fear if a dog rushes or lunges at him! Having this gives people the right message about asking to approach or just giving us space! Have had so many people ask about where i got it from! Thanks so much again!! Sam and Zeus

      Fantastic Harness

      This nervous harness is great, people respect it and it has made taking my dog in public much easier and enjoyable. It also gives me great control over my boy, Freddie and he seems to enjoy wearing it. I had never used a harness before and the people at Friendly dog collars were very helpful. I have and will continue to recommend their products to my friends and family.

      Great Harness

      Outstanding harness! Makes it easier for people to see, especially those who say “I am good with all dogs!” When they see Nervous, they stay back!

      Fantastic Idea for Dogs

      I bought both a nervous and a friendly harness for my two dogs and it is the best purchase ever because when the dogs run up the beach, people can identify whether the dogs are friendly or friendly but need some space if I don't feel safe. Wonderful products and I will certainly recommend to my friends and family. My dogs' best mate also has a friendly harness and that is why we purchased them.....word of mouth works! Thank you Friendly Dog Collars :)